The right message, on the right platform, 
at the right time

We help ambitious travel brands deliver omni-channel, measurable content, across print, social, video, web, audio and mobile.

We take an ‘idea first, channel second’ approach to our planning to ensure every piece of content works as hard as possible and is aligned to your key objectives. Together we will challenge each piece of content as highlighted by the flow chart below.

Audience-led content strategy

When developing an impactful, audience-led content strategy, we follow the five P’s to make every piece of content work as hard as possible:

  1. Plan. Working with you, we can map out what content is needed and how best to reach and influence your audience segments across the campaign.
  2. Produce. Content needs to be created and curated to bring a content campaign to life. The aim is to build a mix of inspirational, practical and authentic content types to inspire curiosity and connect with the key audiences.
  3. Position. We will consider the appropriate channel to disseminate the right content at the right time for each audience group.
  4. Promote. Using social channels, local micro-influencers, our own media brands and the digital distribution plan, we will ensure each message reaches the widest audience. Amplification is a crucial part of the process to make sure people are finding, sharing and engaging with your content.
  5. Perfect. We will monitor the performance of each piece of content and feed what we learn back into the campaign to improve the effectiveness of future content.
We are extremely pleased with our partnership. The team were able to put together a tailored package that met our multi-channel business objectives and came with excellent insights and recommendations for targeting specific tourist audiences.
Nick Flynn
Global Head of PR & Marketing, Grace Han